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 Motorway Lessons

COVID-19 Please contact me as times and dates of available lesson slots may vary.

Why Motorway Lessons

Preparing drivers for a lifetime of safe driving

A broader driving experience before taking their driving test or to continue development post test.

Receive training on how to join and leave the motorway, overtake and use lanes correctly

Practise driving at higher speeds

Understand motorway specific traffic signs

Understand what to do if a vehicle breaks down on a motorway

Improve their confidence to drive on the motorway unsupervised after passing their driving test.


Skill requirements:

Effective observation

Good anticipation

Effective use of mirrors

Continual re-assessment of other vehicles

Reading the road ahead

Joining from slip roads, judgement of speed and position of other vehicles

Following distances

Safe overtaking

Courtesy to other road users

Topics to be covered:

Reaction to other road users

Forward planning and observation

Lane discipline

Safe lane changing

Separation distances

Reaction to road signs and markings

Awareness and planning

Judgement of faster moving traffic

Vehicle lighting requirements

Journey planning, prepare yourself and passengers for a journey, use of Service Areas

How to avoid fatigue, adequate ventilation

Joining and leaving motorways, using acceleration and deceleration lanes

Emerging and safe overtaking

Assessing other traffic

Understanding Crawler Lanes and slow-moving traffic  

Dealing with LGVs, high sided vehicles, side winds and turbulence

Driving in adverse weather conditions, high winds, rain, spray, fog, snow/ice

Smart Motorways, Gantry Signs and lane use  

Understanding Marker Posts and Safety Telephones  

Accident and breakdown procedures  

Dealing with multi-agency incidents  

Dealing with contraflow and other road maintenance  

Safe use of Hard Shoulders

How to react to Emergency Vehicles and Highways Agency Officers

Other Skills

Guide and control the vehicle

Use the road in accordance with the Highway Code

Drive safely and responsibly in the traffic system

Review and adjust driving behaviour over a lifetime

Demonstrate developed skills, knowledge and understanding

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