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Updated 26/01/2021


1. Can I have driving Lessons now?



2. What date will lessons restart again? 

No Date yet


3. I am thinking of starting lessons can I enquire now?

YES... Please complete the contacts page and send me a message and we can get you on our list.


4. I have a Test booked will it be cancelled or changed?

All Test in January and part of February are cancelled until we hear a start date.


5. Can I book a Driving Test?

Yes - The booking system is still open. 


 When Lessons restart.

6.Will lesson times be affected?

YES... I will offer 1 hour or 1.5 Hour lessons and restrict the amount of lessons I conduct per day.


7. Will I need PPE?

YES... It is Government advice that you should wear a face covering.

I will be wearing a face mask. I will also supply one facemask in a sealed bag free of charge to each pupil.

Topham Drive will be supplying an Antibacterial Hand Gel (70% Al).


8.Will your car be clean?

YES... I will do a full clean before lessons restart. After every lesson and before the next pupil I will clean down the interior of the car and external door handles using Strictly Professional Isopropyl Alcohol IPA 90% and paper towels.   I will try to keep as environmentally friendly as I can.



9. How can I pay for lessons in the furuture?

Lesson Payment will be via BACS transfer, App Payment, 

In car contactless card payment,

Cash is no longer accpeted 

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