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COVID-19 Please contact me as times and dates of available lesson slots may vary.

Get to know your  driving instructor with our Beginner Lesson

To start with I offer the 1.5 hour Beginner lesson (Redused to 1.5 hours due to Covid-19 normally 2 hours) which is a great way to start your safe driving for life and will help you to achieve the basic understanding of the first steps of learning to drive. Its also  great way to get to know your driving instructor and for them to get to know you.


The lesson is an ideal way to help anyone begin driving and will help nervous pupils to settle in and build self-confidence.

The 2 hour Beginner lesson follows a set syllabus.

•Document check

•Eye Sight Check

•Theory explained

•Lessons explained

•“Tell me” Questions explained (Basic car checks)

•“Show me” Questions explained (Using controls on the move)

•Car Controls explained

•Set Up (cockpit drill)

•Preparation before starting

•MSM (mirror signal manoeuvre)

•Moving off and Stopping

•Gears explained

•Turning left & right



Making steady progress

Following on from the Beginners lesson I recommend at least 1.5 to 2 hours Lessons a week, this will help to achieve a safe and high standard of driving competence.

To help and guide every pupil, I teach using a structured syllabus which includes the following steps:

•The lesson subject is introduced

•It can be carried out under full instruction

•It can be carried out correctly when prompted

•It seldom needs to be prompted

•You can carry it out consistently without any prompting.

Each lesson is Pupil led and we work together to achieve Safe and Comprehensive Knowledge to develop into the future.

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